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Super Transformation is an award-winning, new in-browser XNA/Silverlight game written by Murphy Stein, Alec Jacobson and Yongming Hong with music by Midicent. The player draws with the mouse to drop transformation portals into a 2D world. The player must use these portals to navigate to each level's exit door.

Learning Objective

Super Transformation aims to teach 2D transformations as they appear on the New York State 8th grade Standardized Math Test. Through demonstration and experimentation in the first few levels of Super Transformation, players become aware of the effects of simple horizontal and vertical reflection and clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. In later levels --- as the game play becomes more challenging --- the understanding of and familiarity with these transformations builds. Players reinforce their own learning because 2D transformation (aka the learning task) is not only built into the gameplay, it is the gameplay.

Super Transformation was awarded the grand prize at the Games For Learning Institute's Game Design Challenge 2009 funded by Microsoft Research.